Licence Conversion

The steps outlined below are for those that are interested in converting their licence on the basis of a foreign licence. ***For further guidance please visit Transport Canada’s website (Canada’s aviation governing body). It is recommended that you reach out to Transport Canada (TC) to verify your particular conversion process as each country will have different requirements as to what will need to be completed in order to meet Canadian standards. You can email Transport Canada directly at
  1. Write the PSTAR exam here at the Brampton Flight Centre. The PSTAR reference guide for studying can be found online. To study for the PSTAR exam, you will need to acquire the PSTAR study guide, the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) from Transport Canada, the Canada Flight Supplement, and the text book From the Ground Up (ISBN 0-9680390). You will also need to refer to the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) on the Transport Canada website.
  2. Write the Canadian Radio Operators exam at Canadian Flyers.
3. Complete 5 take-offs and landings within the past 6 months (PIC). Recommended that this is completed prior to coming to Canada. 4. Obtain a Canadian Aviation Medical. A Transport Canada approved aviation doctor may be located outside of Canada, please check out the Transport Canada examiner website. 5. Ensure you meet the Canadian PPL or CPL minimum requirements and pass the CPL Transport Canada written exam (done on the computer at a Transport Canada Centre). 6. In the majority of cases, you will need to pass the Aviation Language Proficiency Demonstration (ALPD). 7. Fill out the PPL application form. 8. Fill out the Aviation Booklet Application form and submit with a valid picture (must be stamped on the back to state the location and the date the picture was taken). The booklet application and photo must be signed by a guarantor and we can be your guarantor if needed. 9. Book an appointment with Transport Canada to submit your Conversion paperwork. You will need to bring your original documents including your Foreign Licence, Valid Passport, up to date logbook. *Please note that it can take several months for Transport Canada to cross reference your documents as they will be in contact with your Aviation Authorities for the licence you are looking to convert. *The total cost for the conversion varies greatly depending on your experience and skills. If you meet the above criteria then your costs will be minimal. If you require additional training, an instructor will be able to give you a better idea after the first flight.