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Flight Instructor Rating

The Flight Instructor Rating is approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.


FIR – The student becomes the teacher!

A flight instructor gets to share their passion for flying by teaching others how to fly.

A Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) – Aeroplane, allows you to:

  • Instruct students while employed and supervised at a Flight Training Unit



  • Valid CPL or ATPL

  • Valid Category 1 Medical Certificate

  • Completed Private Career College Admission Application

Training Requirements:

To achieve your Flight Instructor Rating (Class 4) you must have:

  • Completed 30 hours dual instruction, including five hours in the teaching of instrument flying skills

  • Successfully completed a flight test to the standard outlined in the Flight Test Standard – Instructor Rating (TP 5537E)

  • Completed 25 hours of ground school including mandatory subject areas.

  • Obtained a minimum of 70% on the written examination (AIRAF).

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